Full legal protection of human life before birth – Nothing is impossible with God

As many of you already know, my baby sister Judy, died on November 17th 2019 the cancer finally defeating such a valiant heart and spirit. I have never seen such an ugly cancer before as our family members who have died have all had internal cancers and we never actually saw the monster that cancer really is until Judy, when it was fully on display on such a beautiful face.

I witnessed once again the body’s struggle to stay alive even when the sister I knew was sedated to allay her anxiety. Judy was not afraid to die but she believed it was way too soon and she did not want to leave her three beloved sons and our family. She gave everything she could to stay, until it was no longer possible for her body to stay alive. Judy never grumbled and she never “fought” cancer but told us that she would not be defined by her condition even if it did take her life. She did not accept that she had to fight cancer she just dealt with it with her medical team and stood her ground at every hurdle cancer threw at her.

I was reminded, as we talked together and dealt with the hundreds of difficulties cancer threw at her, of the preciousness of human life. I thought in the few quiet moments I had of our “fight” to protect the little ones before birth and the extreme preciousness of those tiny lives as well. I thought of the killing at the end of life that we now allow in Canada, of the children killed by new reproductive technologies, of the little aborted bodies savaged and sold for research in Universities across Canada. I was reminded of those with disability who are not allowed to survive the womb, of the health professionals who are being bullied to take part in medical killing. My heart ached for the children who are being confused by theories that gender is fluid or indeed chosen! I am certain that other generations have asked the question; “How on earth did we get here and what can we do?”.

One thing that the pro-life movement and all people of goodwill can and should do is stand together and turn and face the “culture of death”. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more difficult as strategies that divide us are being promoted across Canada and we now have a clear break in who is standing for what. For four years or more there has been a concerted effort to dilute pro-life belief. There are those who believe we should get what we can since a large majority of Canadians would accept some limit to abortion and there are politicians lining up to present legislation to this effect.

There are several problems with this approach, not the least being that in countries that adopted this kind of legislation the number of abortions has risen not gone down. In most cases the babies that we are being told will now now be saved (late term)are the very ones that are included as “exceptions” in the legislation, the disabled, those who were created by rape or incest and of course that old red herring, the life of the mother. Worst of all some in the pro-life movement and people of goodwill are suggesting this strategy because it is all we can get at the moment, they say.

Well, if what the Canadian people will tolerate on abortion and what the politicians are prepared to bring forward is our measure then I suppose this is as good as it gets.

However we are a people of life, we are a people of hope and we are a people of belief and faith in a God who died for each and every one of us. He died on a cross for every human life, even the tiniest human life and if that little one was created from rape or incest or had a disability it would mean the same to Him. he died so that we may live and we are called to be His witnesses to that fact. How can we then become arbiters of who lives and who dies because that is all we can get from Canadians and politicians at this time? It is our job to witness every moment to the preciousness and inviolable nature of every human life, to our neighbours, our community, our province, our country.

We must remember that we have a God to whom nothing is impossible! We just have to witness, educate and challenge our society at every turn until our God calls enough. His victory will come in an instant and our children will be protected. It seems as though we do not trust that God knows what is going on, indeed we actually call God out on this by succumbing to accepting the unacceptable, and by promoting the un-promotable. I often wonder what our God might do if we actually did stand our ground and demand from our earthly authority what our heavenly authority requires.

We are entering the beautiful season of Christmas and it is all centred on the birth of a very special Child, Jesus Christ our Saviour. We are reminded by two children in the womb Jesus and John the Baptist, of the bountiful, merciful and unending love that God has for each of us. Let us pray that the divisions in the movement will decrease not increase in 2020. Let us pray for clarity of purpose, courage of conviction, love and patience with each other and development of a strategy that unites us not causes more division. Alliance for Life Ontario would be pleased to have representatives visit your community to better explain our vision in the New Year.

Most of all let us remember that we have a God in whom and to whom nothing is impossible. Let us turn and face the culture of death unafraid and certain that we will succeed if we use God as our measure not man.

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About Jakki

Since 1989 Jakki Jeffs has been the Executive Director of Alliance for Life Ontario, the provincial coordinating office for 65 educational pro-life organizations. Jakki works tirelessly promoting protection and respect for all human life through educational means.

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2 Responses to “Full legal protection of human life before birth – Nothing is impossible with God”

  1. Joanne Dieleman on 16/12/2019 #

    Love you! Jakkie.

  2. Joan Lemieux on 16/12/2019 #

    This is so brilliantly stated. We can only continue to pray and promote all life be respected.

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