Global March for Women: A Blinkered View

If you were a visitor to earth in 2020 North America you would be hard pressed not to believe that, as far as women are concerned, abortion is the cure all for everything that challenges us in life! 

If we want a Golden Globe Award, a seat on the board of a 500 company, an executive position or basically any job at all, abortion access is necessary. If you wish to succeed in anything, your education, opening a business, becoming a politician or just plain beating the men in your workplace, abortion access is imperative. 

In his article on the local Global March for Women Tyler Kula, mentions that the theme is bodily autonomy defined as “the right to self-governance over one’s own body, without coercion or external pressures“.

Seems to me they should get a big crowd since all those who believe, they have a right to drink and drive, not wear a seat belt, drive 100 km in a 50 km zone, rob a store or shoot another, those serving jail sentences, or those wishing to shout fire in a theatre, will be lining up!

We none of us have 100% bodily autonomy and in case the organizers have missed this – abortion destroys the body of an entirely different genetically identifiable human being, albeit gaining access by forcing entry through the mother’s body.

The language of “rights” is always used when referring to abortion or sexual health but there is no international right to abortion, nor one in Canada. Sadly, somehow medical assassination (abortion) is deemed to be healthcare, again the visitor to earth would most likely be aghast looking at a march, the main focus of which is, to gain a right for mother’s to have their unborn child killed. Our visitor would just need to look at the horrendous health outcomes for many post abortive women – with a very recent study showing the increasing emotional and mental health concerns especially for women who abort a child they “wanted”. They could also not neglect the plummeting human world population and the growing percentage of non-workers, usually the youngest and the oldest of us, being supported by those who work which is beginning to create some very big problems for the economists. In the last century we have killed over one billion human beings by abortion and we are beginning to see the economic fall-out, not enough births to sustain our stability and people living longer.

I call this march blinkered also because the group purports to represent all women which it clearly does not. It does not represent my world view nor thousands of pro-life women like me who work everyday to provide the support that women undergoing unexpected pregnancies on this continent really need.

In my view, neither does it represent the millions of women around the world suffering from hunger and malnutrition, seeing their children die from lack of clean water and sanitation. Nor those who are denied access to education, employment opportunities, proper maternal healthcare (not abortion) those with no food security, those denied ownership of land or documentation or identification to enable them to have bank accounts. Or indeed those who’s basic human rights are denied, are trafficked, forced into marriage, are pressured to undergo female genital mutilation, sexually abused, experience violence or live in war torn countries.

How in the name of anything does marching for abortion rights fix any of this?

Of course there is always the call for “equality” but looking at the statistics revealed by Thomas Mortenson in his 2011 US study “For Every 100 Girls..” and updated by Mark Perry just last year, we should be careful what we wish for when we see the following statistics.

For every 100 homeless or unsheltered females there are 242 males homeless and unsheltered. For every 100 females who die of opioid use there are 212 males die from opioids. For every 100 females who die on the job there are 1,171 males who die. For every 100 females 20-24 who commit suicide there are 463 males who commit suicide. For every 100 females who die by homicide there are 717 males who die from homicide. For every 100 females in a correctional facility there are 1,000 males in correctional facilities. In the Mortenson 2011 study, for every 100 women who earn a Masters degree from US colleges and universities there are 74 men.

So please tell me why, especially on this continent, women are always treated like victims or under-dogs when these statistics actually reveal that it is the men in our society who appear to need more help?

The Global March by abortion advocates, appears to have such a narrow and blinkered view both of the status of women in our society and of what women on this continent need. Our sisters in the developing world do not need abortion they need life giving and life assisting help. As I have stated before, to gain those necessities would be worth the march. I have been informed that in my local university some women students are prepared to be part of what I call a “harem’ just so that they can say they are in a relationship with a guy. In case you are not clear one guy, several women!! Women have been castrated by contraception and abortion so that they can be sexually available for guys who remain free from any responsibility and worse still women are fighting for this status to continue.

My use of the term guy is meant to be deprecating, as the real men in this world are usually protectors of women and families and not the predators that we see so abundantly in our society.

It is time for all women to really take a look at who we are – abortion and sexual license have not freed us but made us sexual slaves prepared to kill our own children in order to be free from the responsibility of our actions. We cannot march against violence and oppression if we continue to support the violence and oppression inherent in abortion.

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Since 1989 Jakki Jeffs has been the Executive Director of Alliance for Life Ontario, the provincial coordinating office for 65 educational pro-life organizations. Jakki works tirelessly promoting protection and respect for all human life through educational means.

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  1. Joan Lemieux on 13/01/2020 #

    So well said Jakki. I will pass this on.

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