Pro-Life bus ads under attack in Guelph

In response to an online petition started by Heather Millman who is calling to remove pro-life bus ads, the city of Guelph decided to take a new look at its bus advertising rules. This could  limit freedom of expression under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  

The ads are not new and are in compliance with the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and Guelph Transit’s advertising policy.

a) This is a child not a choice has run on the Guelph buses for 14 years

b) Simply Human has run for at least five

Simply Human




This is a Child Not a Choice

In an interview with CTV  News, Millman said, “Those have been running as long as I’ve lived in Guelph … and they’ve always pretty much disgusted me.They’re telling us that your choices are wrong, that your morality is flawed.”

GRTL President, Jakki Jeffs said she considers the ads a form of freedom of expression. “We have to learn to tolerate ideas and arguments we detest,” says Jeffs. “That’s what Canada is about.”

 See CTV interview here

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One Response to “Pro-Life bus ads under attack in Guelph”

  1. PRO CHOICE on 27/08/2015 #

    There clearly needs to be more pro-choice postings. Women need to know there options and to understand that our bodies equals our choice. No choice is the wrong choice. PRO CHOICE FOR LIFE!

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