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In his recent book Dr. Myron K. Denney strongly supports abortion, but he candidly talks about the risks. “When we consider the complexities of the human body”, he wrote, “we should not be surprised that abortion can result in complications. Even with the best surgical techniques, when plastic or metal suctional and scraping instruments are brought into contact with the delicate tissues of the vagina, cervix and uterus, inadvertent injury to the internal organs can result. Even without injury, abortion taxes the normal bodily protective mechanism.” (1)

Immediate complications from abortion (2)

Hemorrhage – Due to blood loss, patients may need transfusions.
Infection – Because parts of the baby may be left inside of the uterus or because of lack of sterile conditions in the operating room, tubal infection with subsequent sterility can occur.
Damaged Cervix – Instruments used to stretch open the cervix during the abortion procedure can damage it. Miscarriage and premature delivery of future pregnancies may result.
Perforation of the Uterus – The curette can puncture the uterus. This causes peritonitis and can necessitate removal of the uterus, making a woman unable to have children.
Perforation of the Bowel – Punctures in the bowel can result from the use of abortion instruments, requiring a bowel resection (repair).
Delayed complications from abortion:
Stillborn and handicapped babies – Women with RH-negative blood who fail to receive RHO-gam after the abortion procedure may be isoimmunized, endangering some future pregnancies.
Miscarriages – Women who have had abortions experienced miscarriages at a 35% higher rate. ( 3.4)
Impaired child-bearing ability – Women had complications in labor of future pregnancies. (5.6)
Premature births – After multiple abortions, there is a 2 to 3.3 – fold increase in prematurity.
Low Birth Weight – There is a 2-2 l/4 times greater likelihood of this occurring after abortions. Low birth weight and prematurity are causes of birth defects. (7)
Ectopic Pregnancies – In this pregnancy, the baby develops in the mother’s Fallopian tube, rather than in the uterus. It is a most dangerous condition and significantly increases the risk of death for the mother. There has been a substantial increase in ectopic pregnancies ( 8) causing an Alert to (2) be issued by the New York Commissioner of Health stating: “The diagnosis should be though of especially if there has been a history of an abortion or menstrual extraction in the recent past.” (9)

Emotional Problems

…abortion may be producing serious emotional problems previously overlooked because earlier investigations have been terminated too early.

Feelings of regret – In a Canadian study by Dr. Ian Kent (10) , many women were found to have deep feelings of regret and also love for the child that “should have been.” He also indicated that many current psychological follow-ups of women are superficial, and therefore, unreliable indications of proper therapy. This situation has led professionals to realize that abortions may be producing serious emotional problems previously overlooked because earlier investigations have been terminated too early.
Anxiety and depression – Of special concern are our young teenage women who experience more short term psychological sequelae than adults. Anxiety, depression and regret are common reactions to abortion even though their first reaction may be that of relief, report current researchers. (11,12) A social worker who was an abortion counsellor says, “I never used any word but baby because any woman who’s considering having an abortion is considering not having a baby. And, unless she faces that fact, she’s going to be in severe trouble afterwards, whether it’s 6 months afterwards or 6 years.” (13)
Guilt – In Japan, a country with a long history of permissive abortion laws, Buddhist temples, starting in the late 1950’s began offering special services in which men and women can atone for their guilt over abortion. Dr. Seto, an abortionist in Tokyo, attributes the rising popularity of such rituals to the need to atone for guilt. People are “feeling bad killing their babies. (14) Women have been led to believe that a legal abortion is a safe abortion. The facts tell us this slogan is not true. Unfortunately, many women who seek “reproductive freedom” through abortion may damage or completely lose their reproductive ability. It is tragic that no one told them the entire truth.

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