Abortion- Informed consent gone missing in New Brunswick and Canada

brunswickThere is an article today, in the National Post, by Sarah Boesveld entitled “Abortion Battle brews”.

It would seem, the abortion industry prefers public health dollars and so the National Abortion Federation is on the front lines trying to convince New Brunswick legislators that funding private for profit abortion clinics is something which should now be done.

Well I think the government should pause on that for many reasons.

The first, abortion is not a medical procedure but medical killing. Two patients go into the abortion facility and only one comes out.

Secondly, we are told, that abortion is  a private choice – I do not see why the public purse should pay for a private and elective procedure requested by the majority of women for social reasons.

Thirdly, abortion cures no illness, injury or disease and is not medically indicated for any situation. If the mother’s life was threatened the procedure to assist her would not include the direct and intentional killing of her child – that’s abortion – which is not a life saving intervention- quite the opposite in fact for the child!

Fourthly, there is so much peer reviewed evidence that abortion harms many women in some ways and new research is showing that men are emotionally and psychologically damaged as well.

I have a sense from the research we have conducted that women do not receive all the facts regarding abortion, in these private for profit abortion clinics, but I will let you decide for yourself. You see the Morgentaler and Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic website image on abortion and breast cancer risk.


Well there have been 73 studies which have included research or specifically researched the link between abortion and breast cancer, 57 showing “positive correlation” with 34 being “statistically significant”.

This can hardly be “False” or some “pro-life scare tactic.” Check it our for yourselves here.

You might wish to read the following which is a chapter written by breast cancer surgeon Dr Angela LanFranchi for a 2013 updated research book  entitled “Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women”.

The original research “Women’s health After Abortion: The Medical and Psychological Evidence” can be found at here.

Our research shows other areas where it seems the clinics are not up to date with their knowledge or resources. You can check for yourself here.

If governments are considering or continuing to use the public purse to pay for an elective surgery such as abortion then they have a duty to ensure that these private abortion facilities provide informed consent. Our research proves that currently in Canada this is not the case.

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