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We had a marvellous conference in Guelph, Ontario, on October 4th-5th, 2019, titled, “50 Years of Abortion: A Time to Cherish Human Life.” Thank you to all who attended!

Alliance for Life Ontario brought together an amazing group of speakers for this conference. We live-streamed our speaker’s presentations during the conference but if you missed our conference or simple wish to watch them again, we have now have made them available for you to watch at your leisure. Please share this invaluable information far and wide!

Dr. Janet Smith
Green Sex is Best

Dr. Janet Smith
The Sexual Mess We’re In and How We Got Here

Warren Williams
Abortion and Men’s Health and Healing

Abortion: Women’s Health and Healing Panel Presentation

Banquet Speaker
“We Carry Kevan”
Kevan Chandler

Dr Byron Calhoun
Abortion, The Hard Case

Dr Byron Calhoun
The Perinatal Model of Hospice and Palliative Care

Thomas Jacobson (Global Life Campaign)
Abortion Worldwide Report – Canada Update 2019

Dr Joel Brind (Breast Cancer Prevention Institute)
Abortion & Breast Cancer – A Deadly Risk Factor

Alex Schadenberg (Euthanasia Prevention Coalition)
Euthanasia in Canada and Beyond

Jim Hughes
Promoting the Culture of Life

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