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Ontario Poll Executive Summary

Polls consistently show that a large majority of Canadians (68%) are opposed  to funding abortion on demand. Sixty-three percent favour legal protection for human life before birth, while 67% favour informed consent legislation on abortion. (Leger, Nov. 2003; also see Leger, Oct. 2002; Gallup, Dec. 2001; Baseline, July 2001).

Life Canada Poll Summary – In September of 2008, LifeCanada commissioned Environics Research Group to conduct a poll of Canadians’ opinion on several important issues for the work of pro-life groups across Canada. The poll was conducted between September 24 and October 21, 2008.  60% of Canadians believe human life should be protected before birth. Click here for latest polls.

Canadians are Uninformed – The Signal Hill commissioned an online survey poll by Angus Reid Strategies in August 2008. When asked when abortion can be performed in Canada, the majority of respondents answered incorrectly.

  • 61% thought abortion was legal only in the first three months of gestation.
  • 11% said it can be performed only in the first six months of gestation.
  • 8% said correctly any time up to nine months of gestation.* (19% were unsure.)
  • When asked under what circumstances abortion can be performed in Canada, three quarters of Canadians said correctly for any reason on demand.

A woman’s right to know

  • Most respondents strongly or moderately agree that a woman should be informed about all her options when she is pregnant (95%) as well as about the potential physical risks of abortion (95%).
  • Slightly more Canadians (96%) think a woman should be informed about the potential psychological health risks of abortion.
  • Only 6% think a woman should be allowed to abort a foetus once she finds out it is a girl.

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