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Alliance for Life Ontario has compiled the abortion data in an effort to provide you with the most accurate information available. See link below.

New! Click here to view Canada-wide statistics, A compilation, Prepared July 2013

“Induced abortion” is a medical term that is synonymous with therapeutic abortion, artificial abortion, voluntary termination of pregnancy, elective termination of pregnancy and active termination of pregnancy.

In 1969, the government amended the law expanding the case where abortion was legal to include the threat to the mother’s health as well as her life. Since then, abortion statistics increased drastically and yet have been more and more difficult to obtain on federal and provincial levels with Ontario being one of the greatest offenders. As of 2011, Bill 122 became active. It was titled “An Act to increase the financial accountability of organizations in the broader public sector.” In Part VIII of Bill 122, “Amendments to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act”, Section 24 (17) slipped past the radar, amending the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) so that it is not inclusive of abortion records. See section 65 (5.7) of FIPPA.

The amendment made by Bill 122 does not increase accountability. Rather, it hinders it. The public needs to be informed especially when they are the taxpayers covering at least 43,997 abortion procedures in 2010 in Ontario for a base cost of $5,470,562.36. On her blog post, “The hidden cost of abortion in Ontario,” Patricia Maloney works through her speculations about the reasoning for the new stipulation in FIPPA. Margaret Somerville discusses the importance of the statistics as well as what she believes is going on behind the scenes in our government in “Democracy hurt by abortion stats secrecy” in the Calgary Herald.

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