2008 Poll Research Summary


  1. Faith-based communities are only marginally more aware of the plight of women in crisispregnancy than the public in general.
  2. Mainstream churches recognize abortion as an important moral issue but have not generally addressed a response.
  3. Ontario has a 46% “broad middle” which represents people holding inconsistent positions on abortion (neither consistently pro-choice nor pro-life).
  4. Women aged 18-34 (our primary target audience) and young men moved toward a prolife position as a result of viewing our ads.
  5. Of those who recalled our ads, 82% agreed they made them think about the value of life.
  6. Women access our help-line in greater numbers when our commercials are on the air.

These results indicate how crucial it is for us to be on the air as well as providing us with direction to market the message of Life.


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