Morgentaler’s Tragic Legacy: 45 years of abortion; too long – 3.5million killed; too many – millions wounded; it has to end

Morgentaler-cropped Today, some will be jubilant that Canada marks the passage of 26 years since the Supreme Court of Canada struck down our abortion laws.  One man’s fervour for abortion was the driving force, which culminated in Canada abandoning its legal protection of the lives of her next generation, abortionist, Henry Morgentaler. Since the mid sixties he championed induced abortion and the so-called “right to choose”  finally achieving his goal of  striking down the law in the 1988 decision but failing to achieve a Constitutional Right to abortion for women in Canada.

Many others, like me will stand in silent witness in well below freezing temperatures to remind this country that the lives of its children before birth need legal protection and women and men deserve better than abortion. While I have listed 3.5 million children killed before birth by abortion we know that the numbers are higher. As an example,  we were provided by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, with figures of approximately 32,000 abortions carried out in Ontario for the year 2007. In a POWER report which I came across doing other research a figure of 37 abortions for every 100 live births was given for Ontario in 2007. I did the math just to compare the numbers and what I found was that this figure came out to over 51,000 abortions for Ontario for 2007!!! Currently the Ontario government has passed a law banning access to any abortion information. This actually is in contravention of the International “Fundamental Principles of Statistics” and is a violation of our democratic rights to have government collect statistics and release them to citizens in order that we may all take part in societal discussion understanding and know pertinent facts. Freedom of Information is the other side of the coin to Freedom of Expression. These have been called the “oxygen of democracy”. All I can say is that we are suffering oxygen deprivation in Ontario! 

Over 3.5 million of our tinest human beings have been ripped apart, chemically poisoned and burnt, stabbed in the heart or forced out of the womb before they could survive, disgarded in gauze and buckets and incinerated with hospital waste.These little ones were not the only victims and mercifully their pain was short lived. However, Canada is left with its walking wounded the men and women who suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically many having no idea why they feel and act the way they do. Let’s take a walk together and see if induced abortion has freed or further enslaved both men and women.

As 2013 closed, an amazing research book entitled “Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women” was released by the Deveber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research.  Most of the following is taken from that book for us all to consider.

* Many women and families grieve deeply after abortion a grief neither acknowledged nor supported and often scoffed at by society.

* Official statistics on maternal and infant mortality in 4 countries that have banned abortion have experienced dramatic improvement.

* In the past twenty to thirty years it has become known that the practice of sex selective abortion is widespread. The United Nations reports that between 150 million and 200 million girls are missing around the world – it is estimated that 80% of these have been killed before birth by abortion. A tragic irony of a so-called “woman’s right to choose”.

* Henry Morgentaler and others intimated, with some stating outright, that abortion would help reduce crime – however in the United Kingdom, the crime has risen rather than decline since abortion was legalized.

* Informed consent to treatment is a long-standing legal principle yet in the past years several abortion providers have been successfully sued for their failure to inform patients concerning the inherent risks of abortion. The choice movement itself has condemned many efforts to show the facts proving induced abortion has and does harm many women. The case of Kermit Gosnell was an outstanding and tragic example of the systemic wish to protect abortion rather than the women undergoing it – nothing it appears must tarnish abortion’s armour, not uninformed consent, not non-reporting of medical negligence and harm, not publication of research confirming inherent risks, not even it seems the overwhelming number of studies showing an increased risk of breast cancer after abortion.

*A full-term pregnancy decreases a woman’s risk of breast cancer and every full-term pregnancy after that further reducese breast cancer risk. Never becoming pregnant increases breast cancer risk. Delaying pregnancy after 20 increases breast cancer risk. Abortion delays full-term pregnancy and therefore increases breast cancer risk. Abortion increases the risk of pre-term delivery – if that delivery occurs before 32 weeks the woman will have increased her breast cancer risk.

* Abortion is also resorted to when parents have received an adverse prenatal diagnosis. In one study 44% of women who resorted to  abortion in this circumstance had posttraumatic stress symptoms and 28 per cent had symptoms of depression.Many women are not fully informed of the risk of pschyological stress.

*Women undergoing abortion have a higher rate of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease than the general population and well documented sequelae of PID include chronic pelvic pain, subfertility, infertility and ectopic pregnancy; other sequelae include intraamniotic infection, neonatal sepsis[infection in the blood}, and stillbirth.

* PID is the most common cause of ectopic pregnacy, and there is accumulating evidence linking ectopic pregnacy to previous abortion, both surgical and medical.

* The rate of perforation of the uterus during induced abortion is higher than often recognized. Kaali and colleagues discovered this to be true during a study of 6408 first trimester abortions. They found that the uterine perforation rate was actually seven times higher than practitioners typically suspected.  They noted “..most traumatic uterine perforations during first trimester abortions are unreported or even suspected”

* Dilation of the cervix during a surgical abortion can render the cervix incompetent, resulting in miscarriage or pre-term births in subsequent pregnancies and the risk of placenta previa also rises.

* There has been a consistent rise in autoimmune diseases in women over the past four decades which may well be attributed to induced abortion as women undergoing them have a greater frequency of fetal cells in their bodies (fetal microchimerism). fetal microchimerism is thought by some researchers to cause or contribute to autoimmune diseases in women..

* Large scale, data-linkage studies from Scandinavia, Britain and the USA have documented a significantly higher maternal mortality from induced abortion than from childbirth.

* Because of the politicization of abortion many abortion related deaths are attributed to other causes. This is why it is paramount for the safety and health of women to keep accurate records of births, abortions  and deaths. Canada does not keep such records.

* Multi fetal Pregnancy reduction is a form of abortion ( a needle stab to the heart) to reduce the number of fetuses. Parent’s reaction to this is similar to that after abortion for genetic reasons. Again there is ample proof that parents have not fully understood what this procedure is before providing their consent.

* One or more abortions significantly heightens the rate or prematurity or preterm birth and low birth weight. These children suffer higher rates of Infant mortality; cerebral palsy; Intellectual impairment; Autism;

Epilepsy and Blindness. This leads to the obvious conclusion that the practice of induced abortion is responsible for higher social and health costs.

* Abortion is said to alleviate child abuse and neglect, studies show that child abuse has risen with the legalization of abortion.

* The weight of evidence supports the conclusion that for a significant minority of women abortion has a devestating long-term psychological impact which includes much higher rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and suicide.

* Studies worldwide report a correlation between intimate partner violence and abortion – with women in this situation experiencing more induced abortions and miscarriages – women seeking abortion are more likely to be victims of coercion or/intimate partner violence.

* Over 70% of women report that the abortion procedure was not properly explained to them by medical professionals. Women have testified to the devestating impact of abortion in terms of depression, broken partner relationships, and the resort to alcohol and other substances.

* Abortion is an emotionally devestating experience which appears, even after healing, to never to leave you.

* The above spans the tragedy of abortion on women and children and we are only now beginning to hear the sobs of grief and pain from the men. Alliance for Life Ontario is planning to host a conference in 2014 addressing the horror and devestation abortion visits on men. We can only hope and believe that those with the power to halt this dreadful legacy and begin to sow the seeds of healing and reconciliation will have the moral courage to do so.




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