How incomplete data and the suppression of facts puts women’s health at risk

Alliance for Life Ontario is thrilled to be able to provide you with our “Pick a Number – Any Number” document that we hope will provide some core information regarding induced abortion, which may suffice as a starting point for a broader and more honest discussion regarding the impact of incomplete data and suppression of facts on women’s health when it comes to abortion in our country.


For decades, it has been difficult to obtain any current and accurate statistics on abortion. In Canada, ONLY hospitals are required to report all numbers and demographics, but clinics (surgical facilities and doctors offices) have no such legislative requirement. With each passing year, data is lacking and often inaccurate. It would seem there is no other medical procedure for which incomplete data is permitted to perpetuate. In every other healthcare procedure, data collection is considered important, to ascertain the patient’s journey, both before and after the procedure, to ensure best practices and informed decision making, to create a picture of the patient’s history and to ensure follow-up. Why when it comes to abortion, are all the normal practices of medicine no longer valid?

Alliance for Life of Ontario calls on the provincial government to craft legislation which would mandate any facility, providing abortion, whether surgically or chemically, to report all demographics and numbers of every woman undergoing the procedure and make it a requirement of receiving OHIP. If women’s health matters as much they say it does, then we should see it in practice, especially with regard to induced abortion.


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