Our response to PM Trudeau’s Statement on National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

… That means valuing the voices of women and girls, fighting the injustices and inequalities that put the most vulnerable women at the greatest risk of violence,…Today, let us move forward together to build a future where everyone’s rights are protected, and everyone’s voices are heard.

Dear Prime Minister,

The above are just a few of the words in your statement today on National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

While we applaud the sentiment and your apparent commitment I refer you again to the part of it I have outlined above. Prime Minister, how can your government ever fully commit to ending violence against women until it and other world governments accept that “the most vulnerable women at the greatest risk of violence..” are those still living within their mother’s womb.

What greater risk of violence does any woman face than when our very lives are not protected from our biological beginnings? Four million Canadian children have been slaughtered by induced abortion since 1969,  an action sanctioned by yours and previous governments, starting with your father’s.

Please tell me how we move forward to build a future where everyone’s rights are protected when we do not protect each human life at their most vulnerable stage, before birth? We are honoured to be the voice of these little ones and on their behalf we ask justice for these children and for their mother’s, who deserve a better response from governments than the freedom to kill their child before birth.

How can your government demand  an end to violence in our society when it allows, the very ones it is wishing to protect, to solve their problems by doing violence to others? A better fuure would come about if your government worked to resolve the problems that drive women to consider killing their child by abortion in order to solve life’s challenges

The UN has said that we are facing the loss of between 150 to 200 million women give current demographics – figures infer that 80% of that number were little women in the womb. If you really want to see a new day with a new future then your government must commit to protecting every human life before birth and develop new ideas to help combat the abandonment and societal attitudes which drive women to resort to abortion.

Prime Minister, my experience of over 34 years is that no woman chooses induced abortion – she is forced by circumstances, lack of support and abandonment believing she has no other choice. Society needs to accommodate women not force women to accommodate society.

When a pregnant woman is poor, young, un-educated, un-employed, abused or abandoned she remaims the same after induced abortion, only now she must handle the physical, psycholgical and emotional complications inherent to abortion. How many more women and men need to be wounded by abortion before yours and other governments see the truth? How much longer will you allow the abortion industry to make millions out of the pain and confusion of women experiencing crisis pregnancy?


Mrs. Jakki Jeffs
Executive Director

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