Overpopulation!! Not on your life here is the debunk

World population It is not uncommon, in my line of pro-life education to hear students, teachers or folks on the streeet all tell me that overpopulation is the reason, for poverty, hunger, unemployment, environmental challenges, wars, insufficient food and I could go on – but I won’t. Then you have those, including many NGOs and government organizations, who believe all these problems will just disappear if we have fewer people born – so their answer is offer more sterilization, contraception and abortion. It has always amazed me how some folks cannot see that with more people you have more brains to provide ideas and more diversity in looking at the world’s challenges. I am making this short today because the Population Research Institute has recently developed a brilliant piece which you can access through the link following this short introduction.

* “Overcrowding is a problem for city planners not population controlllers”

* “The key causes of hunger are poverty, conflicts, natural disaster, over-exploitation of the environement and poor agriculture infrastructure” not overpopulation.

* “Plankton make up 3 times more biomass than 7 billion humans combined” 

* “Every, man, woman and child on earth could have 5 acres of land” and “half an acre of arable land”

If you still don’t believe me listen to this. “Everyone in the world could stand shoulder to shoulder on the island of Zanzibar.” “About 48% of all people live in a country with below-replacement level fertility” So can we stop promoting the myth of overpopulation and spread the facts. We have human problems that need human answers – surely 7 billions brains and hearts can find ways of supporting those nations who are struggling.

Listen to Oxfam on the recent Somali famine; “Famines are not natural phenomena, they are catastrophic political failures” Please take the time to go to the link and start spreading the word!



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