Premier Ford Stifling Debate

RE: Doug Ford says abortion issue won’t be reopened

Dear Premier Ford, Ministers and members of the Ontario Provincial Parliament,

I read, with interest, the article below and while I applaud you, Premier Ford for not stifling, freedom of speech, conscience, opinion, religion and expression amongst the provincial Conservative Party members and others, I am concerned about the stifling of debate on such a huge moral issue such as induced abortion. When individuals are voted into Government by the people of a province or a country, there is a placing of great trust in those individuals. There are issues of tremendous importance which must always be discussed such as abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, climate change and much more. These are always contentious and harrowing topics to address especially when there are those with arguments on both sides demanding to be heard – but heard they must be and given an avenue for change if they succeed in making their point with evidence, logic and reason.

This province and country has had more than enough of tyrant type political leaders and quite honestly I and many of us expected more from you Premier Ford, at the very least a platform to be heard. We wanted to ask you to consider de-funding induced abortion and quite honestly, thought that once you had heard the abundance of evidence to prove the harm induced abortion causes to women’s health – you would at least consider striking a committee to investigate the history of harm and the latest research, linking, breast cancer, pre-term birth, physical, emotional and psychological damage suffered by many women.

We wanted you to revisit the unconstitutional access zone legislation which was introduced by the Wynne government and possibly require at least mandatory reporting from abortion clinics since there is no provincial legislation requiring these facilities to keep demographic or numerical statistics or in fact to report them.  How can we ever obtain a picture of the harm abortion wreaks on women’s health when the facilities procuring 75% of the abortions are not mandated to report information that would help us to track the outcome of this barbaric procedure? Our office did extensive research about the oversight of independent abortion facilities in Ontario in 2011 and we found that an abortionist, like Dr Gosnell from Philadelphia could easily have been operating in Ontario.

Everyone one of the Ontario MPPs has received the research book Abortion – Complications because our office made sure that you were all sent a copy. How is it Premier with that evidence in front of you, your government and the members that you will not consider opening this part of abortion up to public scrutiny and possible change – are women’s lives held in such low esteem? The evidence is there, and your government has the power to open this can of worms and seek the truth – but you publicly state that “the abortion issue will not be reopened”

Premier Ford, we would also have liked you to look at minors and induced abortion and had a discussion regarding the fact that children as young as 11 years could undergo an abortion without their parents knowing, in fact even younger since our consent laws no longer have an age requirement. Could we not discuss the breach of parental rights that is caused by denying parents even the knowledge that their minor child is pregnant and considering abortion. I suppose you will not reopen that discussion either.

Well, what about the fact that chemical (medical) abortion has four times the rate of adverse events that are inherent within surgical abortion. I suppose we are not allowed to have that discussion either. Well maybe we could discuss the lack of evidence presented by the previous government to underpin the atrocious abortion access zone legislation Bill 163. Possibly, we could discuss and revisit this legislation given that a report from the abortion lobby was lauded as the first time a study had reached so many abortion providers in Canada and one of the findings was that “harassment at abortion facilities was rare”. This information being carried in a prestigious journal just a year before the introduction of Bill 163.

If 75% of women undergoing abortion go to clinics and pregnancy support people can no longer offer a last-ditch effort of support at these facilities – how do these women really have choice? Maybe I can ask you to read the legislation and see that as a pro-life woman I cannot publicly show my opposition of abortion, peacefully in assembly with others on certain sidewalks, I cannot offer help or hand out leaflets or express any concern without the risk of being arrested and facing criminal charges and this in Ontario, Canada!

Premier Ford, I realise most politicians once in power wish to stay in power but avoiding and closing down parliamentary debate on the issues is not the answer.  I have really only focussed on some facets of abortion in this correspondence, but I urge you to let us be free to debate, let the parliament be open to receiving facts and new information which might lay the groundwork for change. You infer that the provincial government is not changing course on the abortion issue and I call that avoidance of your duty to protect all citizens. You will note until this point, I have not mentioned the tiniest of your Ontario citizens – those in the womb.

I strongly urge you to be the leader that you led us to believe you would be – open up this issue and shed some light on a subject that is only defended by rants and empty phrases. The majority of women in unexpected pregnancy would bring their babies to term if given the needed support – but if those who can offer that support are being closed down at every turn, women will not be helped. Please re-think your position on induced abortion and open the gates in Ontario to healthy debate – I promise, you will be glad if you do and the response from Ontario citizens may surprise you.


Jakki Jeffs

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