Response to PM’s statement regarding the Aga Khan’s Birthday Statement

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you regarding the following lines in your statement on the occasion of the Aga Khan’s Birthday.

His dedication to bridge building and message of compassion offers a way forward. He reminds us all of our common humanity, and that the measure of success is not what we achieve for ourselves, but what we do for others.

Prime Minister, I have always lived by the principles you mention with regard to the virtues of the Aga Khan and I invite you to reflect on the government’s actions during your tenure as Canada’s Prime Minister to see if these virtues have been evident.

As a Christian woman and an educational pro-life leader, my experience of your actions has been one of watching you burn bridges with the communities I represent. Your message of “compassion” supports mothers killing their own children by abortion both in Canada and now in other countries via the Maternal and Child health program, doctors killing or assisting patients to kill themselves made universal while palliative care, the very care needed to assist patients, is available to only 16%-30% of the population.

Your apparent contempt for Christians and Pro-lifers has undermined our efforts to assist women to bring their children to term by providing alternatives to abortion, it has curtailed our efforts to educate Canadians either directly or through available media and even more seriously it has discredited our worldview in this country and among our peers.

Prime Minister, do you not think that you have betrayed the fundamental rights and freedoms of Christian and Pro-life Canadians by using the power of government to promote your own personal ideology, as evidenced by the outrageous situation with the Canada Summer Jobs program this year and the pitiful replacement for 2019.

Our Canadian Charter holds your government to the test and is the barrier which should safeguard our fundamental freedoms from such an atrocity as we have seen play out in 2018. Your government has no right to impose the Charter standards on us as individual Canadians because it was put in place, solely to protect us from Governments like yours. Prime Minister you have trampled our fundamental freedoms to promote rights which do not exist in our Charter, it seems because you feel they should be there, but they are not and you may not use governmental power as though they are.

Prime Minister, you are supposed to be the Prime Minister of all the people not just the ones who hold your worldview. Canadians have the right to hold their own views, opine and act on them as long as they are not hateful or criminal. The Christian and pro-life worldview has at it ‘s heart the “personalistic norm”. We see every human being, from their biological beginning to their death as a person to whom we give the greatest respect, care and compassion and we strive to encourage society to reflect that philosophy. We may not agree with the actions or morals held by some Canadians, but we always uphold their right to hold and express them even while in disagreement. Both we and they have the right to hold and speak in public to promote our worldview and yet your government appears to be striving for all Canadians to agree with your ideology and those who don’t are being punished or defamed.

I realise I have been very blunt, but the words you used today mean nothing if you do not apply them to your own actions. I urge you to meet with us at some point in order for us to build a bridge together. Canada is a democratic country and you may not mis-use the power of Government to trample our rights and freedoms because that is tyranny.


Mrs Jakki Jeffs
Executive Director
Alliance for Life Ontario

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