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Abortion-Drug-Ru486On November 21st 2013 I flew to England for a short visit with our families before Christmas. Usually I am glued to my computer in our provincial office up on “the Hill” researching pro-life issues and answering calls for assistance from our groups or from young couples experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

Those of you familiar with Murphy’s Law, will understand when on the day I left, two pro-life members of Federal Parliament introduced motions which will stir the pot regarding our lack of legal protection for children in the womb and investigate whether Canada actually breaches any International agreements by not doing so. Also, that it might be beneficial to know what the Supreme Court has stated as being within the realms of our Parliament regarding legal recognition and protection of the child prior to birth. It is interesting to consider that no child’s life is recognized or protected before birth, by Canadian Law even though fully 75% of children conceived each year are happily anticipated by their parents!

Added to this on November 25th an article entitled, “Medical abortion in Canada- behind the times” was printed in the Canadian Medical Association Journal and a cover story was carried in national newspapers, entitled , “Canadians should have access to abortion pill RU-486, leading medical journal argues.”

I returned from England with a horrendous bacterial assault on my person and was laid low for 4 weeks. My family joked that it had to be some kind of “super bug” to actually take down the family’s greatest bug – which is me!! However, in almost back to normal fashion I would like to address RU-486 in my first column of 2014.

I cannot do justice to this topic in so short a column but I am preparing a series of commentaries on various issues around RU-486 which will be posted on our website shortly.

In my experience, RU-486 is the “chemical coat hanger abortion” of the 90’s, bubbling under the surface and now desired in Canada. In an amazing research book entitled “RU486 – Misconceptions Myths and Morals” written by three pro-abortion feminists in 1992, RU-486 they declared; “[RU-486} constitutes a new form of medical violence that endangers women’s lives and violates their right to be free from bodily harm”.

In an open letter to MPs in Australia in 2005 , Renata Klein, one of the book’s authors stated, “Then, as now, some of you will be astonished that as an internationally recognised feminist and academic who has worked on reproductive issues for 25 years and strongly supports a womman’s right to safe legal abortion, I will side with what are seen as conservative and anti-abortion views.

However, then, as now, I cannot support the view that chemical abortion is seen (a) as good reproductive choice for women, and (b) as a safe alternative to already available abortion by aspiration. I write to you because I am appalled by the misinformation given to the public by supporters of RU-486, who continue to claim chemical abortion is safe, and who portray it as a simple procedure; take three RU486 pills and –bingo! You are no longer pregnant.”

In the article entitled, Canadians should have access to abortion pill RU-486, leading medical journal argues,” We are told that RU486 is the “gold standard” and “essential medication”. Shockingly, we are informed that cancer and ulcer drugs are currently used “off-label” by physicians to cause abortion and this apparantly is “second rate” and “cumbersome” but seemingly fine for Canadian women!

RU-486 will take us down one more level – a drug which has been specifically designed to starve a child before the administration of a prostaglandin to induce labour and expel the dead or dying child.

The columnist noted that one woman had died of a bacterial infection during clinical trials held in Canada in the early 90’s. She did not mention that the doctor leading the research, admitted that they did not inform women prior to the trial, of a letter from the manufacturers of Cytotec the prostaglandin used, that it was dangerous for women to use it “off-label”.  She noted that other women across the world have died but “investigations could find no explanation for the cluster of what are normally rare infections, she [Sheila Dunn] said adding that there had been none in recent years”

I imagine, neither of these women had time to check the FDA website and particularly the Mifepristone US Post-marketing Adverse Events Summary through04/30/2011 which noted  that several of the women (7 of 14)  who died in the US, “died from sepsis(severe illness caused by infection of the bloodstream) after medical abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol…Sepsis is a known risk related to any type of abortion”.

It also points out that 7  women were infected with (Clostridium sordelli) that did not present ”the usual symptoms” There was no fever! The side effects of these infections are abdominal pain or discomfort, weakness, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, however all of these are expected side effects of chemical abortion. If Clostridium sordelli  comes with no fever it is extremely significant and dangerous for women – how will they or the facility recognise the infection? 17 year old Holly Patterson might still be alive if her abortion facility had done so.


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