Letter to PM Trudeau on National Child Day

Dear Prime Minister,

I cannot help but find your words to celebrate National Child Day ring rather hollow for Canada’s children developing in the womb. Our Criminal Code uses the word “child” to describe those not legally recognised as human beings, those most vulnerable of our children whose lives our laws do not protect.

They were stripped of this protection in 1969 by your father’s government, sadly an abandonment you appear to celebrate now with your governance.

You remark about children’s potential, yet rob the unborn of theirs by not protecting their lives. You mention our obligation to children, yet neglect the tiniest of them. You say that children should be raised in an environment free of violence, discrimination and exploitation yet do not protect Canada’s unborn children from slaughter in the womb.

Minus legal protection of their lives, Canada’s unborn children suffer society’s wholesale discrimination toward them purely because they reside inside their mother’s womb, a place that is their natural environment.

You say that  every child needs a chance to succeed, yet you do not protect every unborn child even in a basic necessity to be born successfully and safely – by offering them legal protection of their lives.

You tell us that your government wishes to support programmes to give children the best start in life, then respectfully Prime Minister you need to legally acknowledge their start at fertilization.

While, your ideals for children are to be applauded, how will we ever be able to create an environement where all children are treated with dignity and respect when it is only if  they are wanted, convenient, the preferred sex or able-bodied, we allow them to live.

Prime Minister, you speak about the world advancing children’s rights but what is the point of children’s rights if they are not gauranteed their right to life?

You have encouraged us to speak about children’s rights and I challenge you to do the same with respect to the rights of all Canadian children before birth. Each child has a fundamental right to life which should be protected in this country and around the world. What someone else feels about us should not be the measure of whether we get to live or die. Governments have a duty to protect each of us equally especially at our most vulnerable before birth.

Prime Minister, you may not be aware that between 1969 and 2014,  at least 3,703,195 Canadian children developing in the womb have been killed by abortion in this country.

You might consider the point that if we respected and protected the life of all children before birth then we as a society might actually respect and protect them even more after birth and see a decline in the neglect and abuse of our precious little ones.


Mrs. Jakki Jeffs
Executive Director
Alliance for Life Ontario

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