The Real War on Women: Covering up the abortion and breast cancer link

tear Up until August 8 2013 the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute recorded the following on its fact sheet  “Epidemiological Studies: Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk”

Of a total of 73 studies worldwide from 1957 – August 2013

57 show a Positive Correllation of which 34 are Statistically significant. In November 2013 a meta-analysis (a study of studies) was published “a total of 36 articles(two cohort studies and 34 case-controlled studies) covering 14 provinces in China were included in this review.”

The findings of this Chinese study sent a shockwave around the globe 44% increased risk of developing breast cancer for women having one abortion. 76% increased risk after two abortions and 89% risk increase after three or more!!

The heightened increase in women having more than one abortion is termed a “dose effect” and it is commonly understood that the “dose effect” has more credibility in actually causing the disease. The 44% increase in risk of developing breast cancer is a stronger one than the 30% increased risk found in the 1996 meta-analysis conducted by Joel Brind et al.

The Huang Study followed the publication of two other studies from India, “It has been suggested that abortions leave the breast epithelium in a proliferative state with an increased susceptibility to carcinogesis..” and Bangladesh, the results of which showed an “over 600% and over 2,000%, respectively, among women who had had abortions” (Life 1/3/14)

You would think there was enough her to ensure that physicians should believe they have an obligation to warn women who might be considering abortion – but it seems no such beliefe resides here in Canada. Just take a look at the following! Women deserve the truth not some political mumbo jumbo to safeguard abortion. Shame on the medical profession and those who purport to want to decrease breast cancer in Canada. We know every woman who develops breast cancer did not have an induced abortion but every woman who “chooses” abortion is at a greater risk of developing breast cancer and she should know that this is a risk she is taking!!

 Now let us take a look at The CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY and see what it has to say!!

 “Factors not associated with breast cancer: The following are not considered to be risk factors for breast cancer because there is enough/significant evidence showing that there is no association.

  • antiperspirants and deodorants
  • abortion
  • stress
  • breast implants
  • bras


Opinion Statement: A history of induced or spontaneous abortions is not associated with an increased risk of breast cancer (II-2)

Recommendation: In counselling women with a history of an induced abortion, one should be reassuring about subsequent breast cancer.

Then let us check the CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION – I have posted the “CMA Policy: Induced Abortion”  with other pieces at the end of this blog but it does not address the abortion breast cancer link but generally appears to support abortion as a decision which ” is a medical one, made confidentially between the patient and her physician within the confines of existing Canadian law”  I tried to access the following article  on the CMA website but could not log in successfully – it read;

No Link between breast cancer and abortion… to occur in countries with liberal abortion laws, enroll risk associated with induced abortions (RR = 1.11). the answers provided by CMA members to …”


I have written to ask them for a position as I could not access the website.

or The BREAST CANCER SOCIETY – (Run for the Cure)

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer ….(Don’t see induced abortion here – Jakki)

Many factors can impact a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer, however if you have identified one or two risks please don’t assume you will get breast cancer. Some women who have more than one breast cancer risk never develop breast cancer, and many women (approx 70%) had no risk factors at all.

Factors which have consistently found to increase your risk of breast cancer:

  • Being a women – approx. 99% of breast cancers occur in women
  • Age – risk increases as you get older
  • Having a personal breast cancer history
  • Having a close relative (s) with breast cancer
  • Early menstruation (before age 12)
  • Late menopause (after age 55)
  • Taking hormone replacement therapy
  • Delayed childbirth (having a first baby after the age of 30 or never having had a baby)
  • Being overweight after menopause, based on your BMI (body mass index)

Factors which have been less consistently found to increase breast cancer risk:

  • Drinking alcohol – recommendations for cancer control suggest that women drink less than one drink per day
  • Breastfeed- studies are showing that the longer you breastfeed the greater the protection
  • Being physically inactive – exercising for at least 30 minutes, five days per week may help maintain overall health
  • Smoking tobacco and breathing second-hand smoke – increases a woman’s chance of developing several types of cancer including breast cancer


Abortion still does not lead to an increased risk of breast cancer(or other health problems) By Joyce Arthur, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada March 1, 2010;year=2013;volume=50;issue=4;spage=316;epage=321;aulast=Bhadoria—Statistics

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