What Abortion Clinics Tell Women and the Research that Refutes their Claims

image 068If a woman is considering an abortion, most people would agree that she has a right to know the possible risks and complications. But is that what is happening in Canada/Ontario’s abortion clinics? Find out what they’re telling women and then look at the research in this eye opening document entitled The Right to Know.

Contents include:

Clinic Claim #1 ‐ There is no connection between breast cancer and abortion
Clinic Claim #2 ‐ The fetus cannot feel pain until the third trimester
Clinic Claim #3 ‐ There is not a medical condition called Post Abortion Stress Syndrome
Clinic Claim #4 ‐ Legal abortions have less complications than tonsillectomies
Clinic Claim #5 ‐ An abortion will not cause future miscarriage or infertility

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Note: A pro-choice physician describing through medical animation how abortion damages women.


The full video is posted at the AAPLOG website


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